Miura Yuichiro Ski & Snowboard School

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Office hour
Lesson hour
10:00 am - 11:00 am
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
90 minutes for both standard and private lesson

* Private lessons can start at the time most convenient for you. Depending on the schedule, certain times may be unavailable. Please send an inquiry.

Lesson fees
1 standard lesson 5,000 JPY
2 standard lessons (am/pm) 8,000 JPY
Privatelessons (one-on-one or more) 15,000 JPY
Ski lesson

Kids lesson

A program suitably paced for kids and their stamina. We gently match the lesson to the pace of the children, even teaching the proper way to wear gloves and boots to beginners.

The lesson is not just matched to physical needs, but there is time to play in the snow and candy time, a program where children can experience the enjoyment of snow and nature.

Kids lesson

Ski lesson

Skiing is a sport that gives you a special experience with exhilerating fun speed that can be enjoyed throughout your lifetime.
Come try our lessons for a safe and pleasant skiing experience.

Our school uses a personalized method to help students improve at a comfortable rate. Our policy is improvement while enjoying lessons that are adjusted to the weather and snow quality.

Ski lesson

Snowboard lesson

Our school holds lessons that are fun and safe in Houdaigi's soft snow.
As a safety measure we offer free helmet rentals.

Snowboard lesson

Standard lesson

  • Warming up
  • Participants are grouped by displayed skills (beginner lessons start with no skiing)
  • All lessons are started by an assigned coach (2 to 7 people in each class)
  • We give customized sessions to individuals and lessons with actual skiing, headed by a coach.
  • In a customized session students practice a technique that is one rank advanced.

* Occasional break times
(There is a candy service for elementary school students. Please note that depending on how the lesson is progressing there may not be one.)
Lesson ends and everyone parts ways in front of the school.

Private lesson

We customize lessons to everyone's skiing abilities, from basic techniques such as "forward, stopping, turning"to curving turns.
As well as lessons on Houdaigi Ski Resort's courses, we offer various types of personalized lessons including ones for parents and kids.
* If the level difference is too big, we recommend an individualized private lesson or a general lesson.